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Mauno Hartman was born in Turku, Finland, in 1930. He studied in the Art Academy of Finland from 1950 to 1954. He then spent two years studying in the art academies of Perugia and Venice and travelling in the Middle East. Returning to Finland in 1959 he found the material - wood - which he has been working with ever since.

Professor Hartman is known for his big architectural log constructions, which can be best understood in the light of the Scandinavian wooden building tradition. He takes old logs from demolished houses, builds rather than carves, using the chainsaw and the axe. The biggest of his wooden sculptures, 18.5 metres high, is in Volvo headquarters, Gothenburg Sweden.

The sculptor also uses wood and other materials in his smaller sculptures, which he himself considers just as important as the big ones. During all his career, Hartman has also painted a lot, and during the past few years painting has become increasingly important to him.